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  • Mark Wahlberg Developed a Golf Course in His Yard and You Can, Too

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    Why lug your clubs to a golf course when you can simply tee up on your own property? That, a minimum of, is exactly what Mark Wahlberg must have believed recently when he decided to develop his own personal golf course in his yard. Take that, Trump! Scream out to Dominic Nappi and his team at Back Nine Greens, Wahlberg composed on Instagram with a pic of him in front of rolling hills and sand dunes that now make up his property. They constructed an unbelievable golf practice complex in my yard. #BestArtificial Turf.

    Wahlberg’s 30,000-square-foot estate in Beverly Park, CA, is currently pretty posh with a two-story gym, full-size basketball court, and swimming pool with waterfalls. And based on the bit we can see of his new golf course, it appears to include a big green, a number of big bunkers, and a cracking mat easily available from his balcony.

    Wahlberg, a devoted golfer, in fact lives near Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, CA hailed as one of the best courses in the country (with a membership cost of $250,000 to prove it). Not that Marky Mark would have any issue paying that, but it still appears that he desires a course all for himself (and his buddies, obviously).

    As lavish as this appears, Wahlberg is barely the only star with this feature. Pro golf players Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have personal golf courses on their properties, too. And in case there are any golf fans out there turning green with envy, you’ll be grateful to understand that constructing a golf course (a small one, a minimum of) in your very own backyard isn’t as hard as you may think. According to GolfLink, all you need is a spot of yard at least 3 by 16 feet. To make a hole, grab a piece of PVC pipe slightly larger than the golf ball, and then press it into the ground. For a more sophisticated setup, have a look at the various designs and designs from at-home golfer David Pelz at Golf.com. Simply puts, there’s wish for even the smallest lawns to improve your putting skills no expensive subscription required.




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